home theater decorating ideas

home theater decorating ideashome theater decorating ideas

home theater decorating ideas These things depend on the seriousness of each person. For example, anyone’s home TV has any size that can be used If you don’t have any statements here, it’s fine. You can see it as well. Instead, we focus on the atmosphere of the cinema. But for anyone who is aiming to buy a new fit Suggest that you buy a bigger one before going over 60-70 inches is better. But do not forget to look at the size of the room as well to see if the distance can be And it should also be in 4K for sharper and more detailed images. As for the quality of the LED screen, it is considered beautiful and elegant. In addition, if it supports HDR, it will help make the picture look beautiful. The part will be flat, curved, depending on your preferences.ดูหนังออนไลน์

Audio ready

The sound system depends on your preferences and seriousness anyway. Some people don’t think much, just the speakers from the TV are satisfied. Who is serious? Choose to buy a soundbar. There are many models, which will provide a wide and fairly well distributed sound. Plus, it is easy to install, beautiful design and not very strong price. Or if anyone has a more budget to set up a home theater set Arrange a set of speakers, front, back, left, right. But be careful about the sound through outside Of course, the dimensions of the sound are clearer. However, it must be placed in the correct position as well. If you are not skilled, you should hire a professional to install them. For the sound system to come out with high quality


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