Baan Chin Alley

Baan Chin AlleyBaan Chin Alley

Baan Chin Alley is located in Muang Tak District on Taksin Road, not far from the 200-year Rattanakosin City Somphot Bridge. It is a very prosperous trading community in the past. Even today,

the hustle and bustle of the trading community may not remain. But traces of past glory remain.

Through the old houses that still retain the original architecture quite intact Allowing future generations to appreciate the simple lifestyle

Become another interesting tourist attraction of Tak Province.

When arriving at the entrance to the entrance alley We can see the sign on the front of the Chinese house alley.

Find a parking spot in the neighborhood and walk in. Because the alley is quite small, the cars are incompatible Walking around the house is more convenient.

From the mouth of the alley to the end of the alley, not far It takes only 15-30 minutes to walk to see and take pictures. We recommend you to come in the morning no later than 10 o’clock or 4:30 in the afternoon, the light will hit the house.

Baan Chin Alley

Ban Chin Alley has been the commercial center of Tak since the beginning of Rattanakosin City.

Since the area is adjacent to the Ping River and is a port for loading and unloading products During World War II, the Chinese house alley was affected by bombing.

The villagers had to migrate, thus making the community lonely. ufabet

But nowadays, the community has gathered together to maintain, restore and repair the old houses that still exist in the Chinese alley to make it lively. Thus making this community become known again

Houses in the Chin Ban Alley community It is a wooden house with a combination of Ayutthaya,

Chinese and classic art in the reign of King Rama V, some of them still inhabited. Some of them were abandoned.

But every house has its own beauty. Of course, these houses are the residents or domiciled of the descendants of the important family of Tak Province.


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