Architectural Arts – Architectural Scopes of Bangkok

Architecture is a specialized field. It combines many disciplines including science, art, planning, building science and civil engineering, as well as architecture. Architecture can be utilized to design residential structures as well as public spaces and shopping malls corporate head office buildings as well as government buildings and other types of buildings. There are different kinds of architecture like traditional contemporary, tropical, and eco-architecture. In the present times there is a rising demand for architects trained in international standards.

Architecture is used to create an aesthetic and functional space. interior The discipline of architecture includes many sub-disciplines like structural, environmental, economic sustainable technology human dimensions, site analysis, interior designing and landscape architecture. The field of architecture gives an opportunity to study develop new methods and build structures that are energy efficient, safe, attractive and simple in their construction. Modern software is utilized in architecture, including CAD/CAM, software client-side architectural virtual reality technologies, and computer-aided designing (CAD/CAM). Architecture includes interior design landscape design as well as research in the field of building, creative industries design, architectural communication, and design. Many architects continue their education after they finish their degree.

In Thailand There are many young architects have established companies and provide architecture services. Many young architects are eager to use their artistic abilities to create buildings that are functional and appealing. These structures can be used for leisure purposes as well as for business purposes. Some of these young architects have designed many museums, shopping malls, and hotels.

Architectural planning is the creating an outline or design for the construction of a building or other structures. It employs many drawing and design methods. Thulun International University’s architectural department offers master planning and design programs. The program helps students to create beautiful and appealing structures using architectural, technical and structural specifics. Thulun also offers programs in environmental sustainability, cultural design and construction.

Thulun University offers many faculties and departments to which one can apply. A number of programs are available to suit your individual needs and tastes. One of them is the architecture MA. The program covers a wide range of subjects that are related to the theory of architecture and design. Thulun also offers master planning MA program which allows students to select an area of study in urban planning and construction.

Some of the areas that a student may choose to focus on are home planning, interiors design and construction. You can also design meeting rooms and offices. A master’s degree in interior design at Thulun focuses on a particular style of interior architecture and its use. It is focused on designing homes shops, offices and offices as well as monuments. Students in this course are likely to learn the practical skills that will enable them to implement the design in their individual projects. These projects can be for residential or commercial properties and also public institutions.

A master planning MA is also available to those who wish to take up an occupation in the area of sustainable architecture. This degree covers the widest scope of architecture in the present. The scope covers everything from commercial, residential and industrial planning to natural resources management and landscape architecture. In fact the sustainable architecture MA program is one of the most promising opportunities for those looking to enter this exciting field.

The students of architecture studying in Bangkok have access to the most varied sets of resources and benefit from their exposure in a huge variety of settings. Thulun is a specialist in projects within Bangkok and is situated in close proximity to both academic institutions as well as private developers. Students in this program have the added advantage of being able to interact with some of the most renowned architects in the country. Project managers and consultants are usually available to provide advice and assistance to students. With a variety of facilities, these architects can accommodate all types of students, from beginners seeking a space to work to experienced professionals seeking to expand their portfolios, while also gaining valuable exposure and experience that will be beneficial in their future projects.


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